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Project manager

Project manager for one of the fastest growing outsourcing companies in Bulgaria. We’re looking for a Project Manager.

PHP Project Leader

For one of the most fastest growing outsourcing companies in Bulgaria we looking for PHP Project lead

PHP Developers

For a product-oriented company specialized in the development of geospatial applications we are looking for PHP developers

We are Next Recruitment

Next Recruitment was founded in 2012 as a professional IT Recruitment agency, in Bulgaria. Radka Papazova, the founder, was a professional IT recruiter for seven years. She then decided to start her own company. Our family company has now grown to such an extent that we manage clients from all over the world, from startups to companies with up to 500 employees. Next Recruitment is now the preferred choice for many IT companies. Over the last five years, we have gained a great reputation as a reliable, fast, and affordable IT recruitment agency. We get new clients from referrals alone.

We offer IT Recruitment, IT Outsourcing and More.

We offer high-performance IT recruitment agency services, each delivered with agility, flexibility, and precision, enabling us to create long-lasting ‘partnerships’ with our clients based on shared values and common interests.

We help IT companies recruit skilled Bulgarian IT professionals. We identify, qualify, and recruit top performers with relevant expertise and personality for our clients. Our recruitment process fits companies who know exactly who and what they’re looking for, whether it’s product development or project-based.
Outsourcing works well for companies who don’t have or don’t want to set up the whole IT infrastructure. Moreover, your company may want to use it as a testing ground for long-term hiring.
Planning to set up an office in Bulgaria? We can help you set up your company, accountant, office, and legal aspects. Need help? We’ve got you covered: from offices to tables, chairs, and accounting etc.
Do you want to save yourself days and months by discussing the local market, and setting up your local presence with an experienced consultant? This action alone has been proven to save companies a lot of time and frustration.

12 Years in IT Recruitment

With over 200+ completed projects.

Licensed & Insured

We are licensed, insured, certified and insurance provider approved!

Our Team

Get to know us! We’re here to assist you.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A)

We Work With IT

We specialize in IT Recruitment!

Replacement Guarantee

We offer you free replacements within the first period. See agreement for detailed information.

That’s why our Process gives results

When you have a long-standing relationship and the trust of the candidates, the recruitment process becomes easier. By using our updated database of candidates, the process of finding relevant and matching employees is a matter of reaching out to the right target audience. We use a proven process to increase the chances of finding relevant candidates. You get the best-matched, functional, and long-term employees for your company. To ensure that each recruitment attempt is the most effective and successful, all of our recruiters work according to the Next Recruitment Method. That’s why our recruitment process creates predictable results!

Free Replacement Guarantee

We believe in delivering a service which is held up to the highest standards. If you’re offering a job, we want to provide you with the best in your area via our local Bulgarian offices. More importantly, we offer you free replacements for a specific time during your test hiring period. Count on us to deliver the best possible candidate. We want to make sure you’re satisfied with the person you’ve hired.


Benefits of Hiring in Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers unique advantages for hiring/outsourcing your IT development services:

  • Benefits of hiring in Bulgaria – has a great reputation in the world of science and education. This special country ranks 5th in the world of sciences, and 11th in the world of mathematics (World Bank and the Economist ranking).
  • Bulgaria is ranked as the eighth country globally, and third in Europe, in the “Global IT IQ Report” with 8,844 certified IT professionals.
  • 5,500 students graduate each year with a university-level IT education. Bulgarian students are ranked 2nd in the world in SAT scores.
  • Attractive geographical location – easy to reach from Europe.
  • Time difference of +/-2 hours within Europe.
  • EU membership since 2007.
  • English level – most IT professionals have conversation-level knowledge of English.

Other companies

The advantageous conditions for outsourcing to Bulgaria have been identified by many International IT companies. They have expanded their local Bulgarian departments during the last 10 years. This includes:

  • HP (5,000 people), CSC (600 people)
  • SAP Labs (500 people) and
  • VMware (300 people), to mention a few companies.


Nextjob’s goals are to develop long-term relationships with the IT people
and organisations that we are working with.

“WOW – This is the Best Company I have ever worked with.”

WOW – I don’t really know what else to say. This is the Best Company I have known. I run a full time web development company and this company blows me away. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work. We’re really looking forward to getting our new developers! I think you thought of everything and then some. Thank you so much for this dedicated service!”
- Backstreet IT services

I have always found the service provided by Next Recruitment to be responsive and professional to both clients and their candidates. They are cost-effective and do not waste valuable time. I have no hesitation in recommending their service to other businesses and candidates.
Ivailo Ivanov, CEO,
“I am very pleased with the Next Job. It is always in touch with the candidate and is ready to help him. Next Job really understand its clients needs and connects very well company and employer. If I need I will work again with them.”
Cvetan Islam, PHP Developer
Thank you for the wonderful job done! – I would recommend with pleasure Next Job to anyone who would like to choose their services. They are great professionals and offer excellent services.”
Alex Toshinov, Webdeveloper, IT Company
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