A job is not a standalone entity. A job is a step on a longer path, a move towards a career. As a provider of HR and Recruitment service, we do our best to keep this in mind and focus on a bigger picture, which puts our HR efforts into perspective.

What we do

  • We help people find the best job to build a career both on a regional and the broader EU level.
  • Our recruitment efforts aim to provide incentives, quality and match the best candidates with the right position for their personal skills and the Company’s needs.

Who we’re looking for

If you’re good at communication and have the ability to engage and motivate people – please apply for our open job application below.

Nextjob is searching for Talent Hunters in:

Have you got the skills and talents you want to tell us about, please write to us with a complementary CV? We will contact if your application is suitable for the job at Nextjob as a recruiter.

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