According to unknown German magazine, some entrepreneurs had created a business model that anyone could follow. This is turn inspired many people to copy and paste the model and created many successful businesses.  It’s not all that is required though. A great idea has to be in place before any headway can be made.

These businesses were not just lucky accidents; they are 50% great idea and 50% hard work. Some of the best ideas and co-creators of many services and outsources are located in Germany.

This is a small list of entrepreneurs and their work.

He is a German entrepreneur that designed may features in PayPal, for example their anti-fraud system, and also he is co-founder of the world top video network YouTube. He is only 35 years old and his talent is found on internet. He also is working on a platform that is created to find entertainers around the world and show their talent. Many people have copied the work of Mr. Karim and have tried to make the same platforms as him. He is an idol of many young entrepreneurs.

He is also born in Germany but his family moved to the United States. Mr. Thiel is one of the first major investors in Facebook and in 2004 he bought $500,000. This gives him wings in the web-entrepreneurs market. Also he is co-founder of PayPal. In his early years he became junior chess champion of Germany. The fame of the great investment from his past made a lot of people to try the market for profit and outsources. Nowadays he is 46 years old.

In 1922 before 92 years Ralph Baer was born in Germany. His childhood was tough these days according to some gaming magazines. But he escaped to the United State and he invented one of the most amazing technologies in the world – the home console. He was awarded by George Bush in 2006 with the National Medal of Technology. He is the designer of the IBM’s signaling equipment. He is known as ‘the father of the video games’
These men are not just great entrepreneurs and designers; they are outsources – they moved from a different country to another to become more successful for their industry with the projects; with work that is part of the world now.