PHP is for internet development and business applications.

PHP developers develop programs, applications, and websites with dynamic scripting language PHP.

Depending on what needs to be done, PHP developers are also classified as computer code developers or internet developers.

If you’re looking for a DevOps Engineer, look here. Or if you’re searching to fill a position for A Scrum Master, see this page.

PHP is a popular choice for freelance or contract developers

A PHP internet developer might produce user interfaces or work behind the scenes. The PHP language is usually employed in combination with SQL for databases. It’s additionally used for basic web site functions. Such as accepting usernames, passwords, and managing guestbooks. It can be used to code display photo or thumbnail galleries and various other types of dynamic content.

A developer’s job duties may also embody electronic computer administration. And computer code testing, and user training.
PHP developers generally produce prototypes in PHP even once they can use another language later. A bonus of PHP is that the speed with that development will take place. A drawback is that it’s at risk of security vulnerabilities.

According to a 2018 TechMeetups article. PHP is one among the highest languages for startups and tiny businesses. Check also the Hacker Rank Developer List 2018

Becoming a PHP Developer:

Developers enter the sphere with a higher level education. The degree is usually in science, computer code engineering, applied science. Or another connected field.

The requirements for an online developer measure generally less than for a software developer.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that an associate’s degree or even a high school diploma will be enough for some positions. Having extra skills, though, will facilitate a developer to get ahead in their careers.

Those curious about Internet development might want some courses in style and design too.

TIOBE Programming Community language quality index ranks PHP Programming #7. in 2018

Some developers pursue certifications to confirm their data of specific technologies.

Zend offers certification in PHP.

The communicating includes the fundamentals of PHP. And object-oriented programming, string patterns, and arrays. Candidates can be asked to be fluent in data types, and databases. The course includes security — a very necessary concern for those that code in the PHP language.

Ultimately, certifications mean much less than real-world experience. A developer can obtain much experience and hence expertise through their own projects. Also, open source initiatives where they have contributed. And/or participation in senior type projects that require a lot of planning. [Check out PHP jobs here]

Job postings might list a large variety of wanted skills. Some internet development positions favor those with graphics or SEO expertise.

Employers can also search for industry-specific expertise:

  • Depending on the task at hand. This might be anything from operating with startups. To expertise taking part in games on social network sites.
  • It makes sense to know a little bit about many things but to specialize in what you really love to do. This will increase the chance of finding what you want to do as well as moving up to a lead position.
  • Project management expertise may also be useful.

Interview questions can get technical and you may have to show by doing rather than talking. Through the use of coding tests.

Most PHP programmers remain at the top of their game by being part of communities like PHP

What type of salary can a developer expect in Bulgaria:

Salaries rely upon job role, among alternative factors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the common average wage for PHP application developer to $1,000-2,500. Salaries used to vary a lot from city to city but nowadays it’s on average across Bulgaria.


Web developers can be classified into many separate categories:

  • Security Analysts
  • Internet Developers
  • Network Architects

PHP is a very hot language for web developers. The TIOBE Programming Community Index placed PHP at #6 in in 2012; in 2018, this is represented with some decrease down to 7th position.

Developers usually get ahead because they know many languages, and have a broad set of skills.

Employers may want experience with alternative dynamic languages like Perl. Or a specific operating system (Linux) or servers (Windows 2008 or Apache)

Sometimes they can fail at selling themselves due to introversion or poor sales skills.

If you need help selling yourself to employers you may want to use a recruitment company – even if have not done so before.