European countries escalate some of their BPO companies at the top of the revenue charts. The best-increased countries in Europe with the United Kingdom which practices are top in the world are in France, Spain and Bulgaria among the others companies from Eastern Europe.

  • Forbes made a research about outsourcing companies in Europe and the numbers are better for the oldest continent.
  • More than 50% increases the services and over 10000 new business high technology parks.
  • But instead of hiring new people the market is huge and jobs are not secured. Only the awarded employees will stay in the industry.

At the beginning of 2014, there is a company from France which is developing BPO services and they have created 7 websites for customer care. The company SITEL is a leader in France since 1998 and they have locations at the biggest cities of the country, Morocco, and Canada.

Outsourcing services in places where French is the second language and the people can communicate in the best way. Licenses and membership are not only national. They have international licenses and according to their official site, the staff of the company is award-winning because of their fascinating skills in many languages and specially Arabic, also the flexible and scalable environment in the dynamic shits of the workers, so the time differences won’t be a problem.

The CEO of the company Bert Quintana earns the respect of 56,000 workers from 23 countries around the world mostly Arabic. In 2013 SINTEL avoid the top trend outsourcing destinations again but instead of decreasing they did exactly the opposite and according to ONEX they earn $1,4 billion dollars.

This practice is proved by them – when a company tries something innovative they make a risk. But when the risk provides income by 50% up on the chart this is an award-winning team.

Profile: SINTEL
Locations: La Rochelle, Troyes, Casablanca, Rabat, Montrouge
Languages: French, Arabic, English, German, Italian, Spanish
Markets Served: France, Belgium, Morocco, Canada
Employees: 56,000
Revenue: $1.4b.
CEO: Bert Quintana