Outsourcing is a topic that has been in the middle of firm strategy debates around the world.

As companies grow, their labor needs growth with them. As a result, HR managers are always on the lookout for fresh talent to help steer the business to the next level. Outsourcing is giving companies a chance to access and hire the talent they are looking.

In recent years, a number of key outsourcing markets have emerged. They include Eastern Europe, South East Asia, and South America. Well, if East Europe is your first pick, then you must pick Bulgaria to meet your talent needs.

Here are some benefits of hiring in Bulgaria:

  • Bulgaria has an outstanding reputation when it comes to education especially in the sciences. A World Bank report ranked the country 5th globally in the sciences and 11th in mathematics. These kinds of statistics simply guarantee that you will get qualified candidates who are capable of handling the jobs you have.
  • The pool of IT certified professionals in Bulgaria is also world class. In the Global IT IQ report, the country’s IT talent was ranked third in Europe and eleventh globally. There are nearly 9, 000 IT experts in the country ready to serve.
  • Bulgaria is also located strategically within the EU. It can easily be accessed from different parts of the world especially for clients who are coming from Europe and North America.
  • The pool of IT graduates in the country is also quite impressive. On average, there are about 5500 students in Bulgaria who graduate with IT-level education. And it’s not just about getting graduates for the sake of it, Bulgaria delivers top of the line graduates. The students were in fact ranked 2nd globally in SAT scores.
  • Bulgaria has been a member of the EU since 2007. This can give businesses unrestricted access to the country and the labor force it has to offer. It can also be a gateway to other European markets.
  • Communication is very important for any IT project to succeed. English levels in Bulgaria are also impressive. Most IT professionals in the country can easily communicate eloquently in English.
  • Let’s not also forget the time zone.  The time difference between Bulgaria and the western world is just 2 hours. This means that projects can easily be coordinated on a real-time basis for the best results.

There are many IT companies that have outsourced to Bulgaria over the years and their experiences have been outstanding.

Some global tech giants have also expanded into the country including HP which has 5, 000 employees locally, SAP Labs with 500 employees, CSC with 600 employees, and VMware with about 300 employees in the country.