Many outsourcing companies focus on clients that need data entry collection. Some companies even sell administration services worldwide.

Every company manager has a need for accounting services in order to analyze profit and loss. When an outsourcing company is hired by the company manager, they take a load of the company, so they can focus on core activities instead of accounting.

Call Centers

Operating a call center is a common business practice, especially for sales companies. Data entry work is usually performed by the third outsourcing company because they deal with handwritten documents and all the tasks are low level tasks for unqualified staff. In Microsoft’s example, Technical support, call center work, is the most common job in the world.


Industries are with top and low levels for employees in an outsourcing company and at the bottom of the sales force are the cashiers. The cashiers are responsible for charging the customer for the product or service. Then the documents with billing lists are sent to the accounting team. Cashiers and accounting managers are working together. They could, of course, be outsourced to another company, again.


The people who work for the government use databases for population calculation and mangement. The health insurance industry, in example, counts the population in the country or contain information from archives at police stations, government facilities and hospitals. Secretaries usually record the information locally at municipality offices.