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The Indian outsourcing model

India has been the primary outsourcing choice for companies worldwide. Almost two decades ago stepped into IT services on the UK and US market, before the Y2K.

India’s outsourcing has been skyrocketing ever since.

Despite the many advantages. Some major drawbacks to the country’s outsourcing model have also emerged.
What are the positive sides of the Indian outsourcing […]

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Data entry jobs by outsourcing companies worldwide

Many outsourcing companies focus on clients that need data entry collection. Some companies even sell administration services worldwide.

Every company manager has a need for accounting services in order to analyze profit and loss. When an outsourcing company is hired by the company manager, they take a load of the company, so they can focus on core activities instead […]

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Outsourcing advantages over the years 2012-2018

Outsourcing advantages over the years 2012-2018. To cut costs are definitively one of the major benefits.

The advantages are many. We ask entrepreneurs to explain them to us, which ones are the best for them.

The main reason is as we suggested, to cut costs. This is the basic reason for companies to grow their business for higher profits. […]

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Sony Music Marketing Outsourcing Case

Sony Music developing a network for writers, singers, producers and the contests are well-made strategy for outsourcing and marketing actions. The company is not only looking for the product makers and there is another network for call-services and social media management. One of the marketing practices is the social networking but how a product shows […]

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Active German outsourcing entrepreneurs

According to unknown German magazine, some entrepreneurs had created a business model that anyone could follow. This is turn inspired many people to copy and paste the model and created many successful businesses.  It’s not all that is required though. A great idea has to be in place before any headway can be made.

These businesses […]

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Microsoft’s IT department and Outsourcing

The IT department of one the largest IT Companies in the world, Microsoft, opened the door to outsourcing a huge variety of IT work.

Microsoft’s customer support was reached by unexpecting client. In Microsoft’s product blog concerning problems about the system, one user claims that when he dialed the IT department – an Indian accent was on the […]

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Spain, best location of UK BPO companies in 2012

Backed by Government funding, marketing specialists have promoted Spain for the past few years.

European Union made a clear statement about the improved economy in Spain, that its due to outsourcing. Lower salaries are not the only reasons that UK BPO companies outsource to Spain. Spain has alot to offer and stands by being a serious player in any outsourcing field.

In 2012, […]

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Awarded French BPO outsourcing companies

European countries escalate some of their BPO companies at the top of the revenue charts. The best-increased countries in Europe with the United Kingdom which practices are top in the world are in France, Spain and Bulgaria among the others companies from Eastern Europe.

Forbes made a research about outsourcing companies in Europe and the numbers are better for the oldest continent.
More than 50% increases the services and over 10000 new business high technology parks.
But instead of hiring new people the market is huge and jobs are not secured. Only the awarded employees will stay in the industry.


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Why Indian outsourcing companies are doomed?

When you are online and reading information about the businesses around the world you would read some things that make you think about the future and maybe some panic for the entrepreneurs. The future in India is not bright because the Indian outsourcing workers are going to do their job for companies in the United […]

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BPO outsourcing Indonesia – Far East

Asian outsourcing services become the best in the world. The workers from India and China are usually hired in most countries because of their master skills in technology and rhetoric. Huge companies founded offices in Central Asia but one country in the south will be next big time in BPO outsourcing. An internet researches from Canada […]

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