In the past ten years, outsourcing to Eastern Europe, the Benefits of hiring in Bulgaria is a good investment. It’s rapidly becoming one of the most popular outsourcing destinations in Europe. The region’s rising popularity is boosted by a variety of business, lower prices, and geographic advantages.

Outsourcing to Bulgaria

1. Expertise is key and Bulgaria has a lot to offer in this field

Choosing an outsourcing partner is increasingly dependent on the quality of service and company expertise, not just low pricing. Over time, Bulgarian IT professionals have proven their high expertise level and versatile skill set.

According to Forbes magazine in 2013, out of the 24 finalists in Google’s annual Code Jam competition for programming professionals, 16 came from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). This year ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest had 13 winners, 8 of which were from CEE.

US companies are struggling not only to find cheap IT services, but they are also struggling to find good programmers so building a team of experts through outsourcing is becoming an increasingly attractive option for businesses.

2. Other popular outsourcing destinations are becoming less financially appealing

In an article from January 2013, the prestigious Economist magazine claims that “India is no longer the automatic choice for IT services and back-office work”. India has won itself the image of “bodyshop” where simpler IT tasks can be outsourced at a very low price.
The higher the complexity of the job, the more problematic it is to find a quality outsourcing company to do it. Good analysts and product developers in India are not enough to fulfill market demands, and the workers who are skilled enough for the job require much higher wages than those who attract businesses to outsource in India: according to the Economist, the money paid for such jobs has been rising by up to 30% a year.

3. Avoiding issues with quality and safety which are no less important than price.

Dell’s customer service center in India has received a wave of criticism, not only due to the poor quality of service and language/accent barrier but also due to concerns about the privacy of information and security. Dell’s bulletin board includes questions like “How do I know my credit card information is safe in India?”, “Customer service has been compromised”.

The quality of service and the business ethics which accompany it are crucial in outsourcing. Eastern European countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Poland, etc are currently part of the EU and the quality and working regulations within the community are dependent on high standards of performance and work ethics.

4. The advantages of near-shoring

If your company is within Europe, outsourcing is made easier through near-shoring. You can easily exert control over the outsourcing process by meeting in person with your partners and being able to communicate your needs through regular weekly, monthly or quarterly meetings with our outsourcing partner in person.

In addition, due to the geographic proximity, there are cultural and business ethic similarities. Bulgaria is indeed much closer to the American and Western European way of doing business than popular outsourcing destinations in South East Asia.