Sony Music developing a network for writers, singers, producers and the contests are well-made strategy for outsourcing and marketing actions. The company is not only looking for the product makers and there is another network for call-services and social media management. One of the marketing practices is the social networking but how a product shows when is the right time; who are the right people and the answer of the all questions about the marketing is one – outsourcing companies.

1. The Product
According to the official website FIFA sold over 3 million tickets on the mondial this year in Brazil. Every world tournament FIFA and Sony choose the theme song of it and create a CD. The artists who are in contract with Sony Music make a special song for the tournament and also there are some special contests for the unsigned musicians and songwriters which are providing a strong marketing chain. All of the songs are included in the CD; there is the product.

2. Employees
Not only the outsourcing program for writers and producers Sony hire sales managers and social media managers. This practice use and a free advertising for the pages and profiles of the celebrities and fans which are into the product. Even the interest is huge Sony doesn’t fired the SMM team they analyze the data and the results.

3. Purpose
Songs are with a team spirit and motivation lyrics, the reason is to make the sport and the tournament an entertainment brand not only a sport project.

4. Profits and results
Statistics show that is simple FIFA World Cup is one the best marketing brands in the world. The results and the profits are because of the creation of the main industries into one. This helps the artist and it is a challenge for the new outsourcing marketing teams.