Backed by Government funding, marketing specialists have promoted Spain for the past few years.

European Union made a clear statement about the improved economy in Spain, that its due to outsourcing. Lower salaries are not the only reasons that UK BPO companies outsource to Spain. Spain has alot to offer and stands by being a serious player in any outsourcing field.

In 2012, Spain became the best location for outsourcing in Western Europe! Some top wordlwide law firms are located in Spain. There are many good reasons why the British should outsource more work to Spain, for example.

Valueshore, a Spanish BPO company. A leader in Spain for years. Its board member Jim Walsh said in interview in their blog: “the software is highly complex” and the Spanish are able to manage anything, they believe. Mr. Walsh was of the opinion that “Spanish accounting” is one of the best in the world. The economy in Spain can provide the customer all BPO services they can imagine and want.

In 2014 Spain grows their outsourcing campaigns even more, especially in the law industry with over 20 locations by UK firms. Most of the companies from the United States also want to outsource in Western Europe even there are bigger names like IBM, Accenture and Atos have interest to buy departments from Spain. Jim Walsh also said that these three companies have chosen Spain from the excellent technologies, BPO services and the business intelligence.

Now IBM removes some of their departments because they could not make a deal with an Arabic organization about some funds.

None of the fired parts of the company are located in Spain.