When you are online and reading information about the businesses around the world you would read some things that make you think about the future and maybe some panic for the entrepreneurs. The future in India is not bright because the Indian outsourcing workers are going to do their job for companies in the United States and the United Kingdom. According to the blogger and specialist in outsourcing Zhenya Rosinskiy who worked with many people from India, she said that outsourcing companies there has nothing to offer for the huge industry just rate a small savings. She wrote a post about it and the pure meaning is how to prevent this from happening because for 15 years, she said, she have been familiar with the problems and she could describe them as well.

Resource Availability
It is hard to find qualified workers in some parts of India. The United States standards are higher than regions like Bangalore. High tech and other engineer must be ready for fast work environment and they must be prepared for any type of work. Most people in Indian outsourcing companies underestimate the senior level students. They also can prove that value could be better. There is a decrease with 20% of the jobs with younger labors.

Time difference is the worst thing for the companies. And it is with about 12 hours and there is no perfect time to talk to your team from India. US to Europe is better way contact them for the third party but the business budgets cannot provide another payment for another companies. Zhenya Rosinskiy advice it is more useful for all of the customers is the understanding even if the clients get his or her answer after 24 hours.

The article do not criticizes the outsourcing companies from India. It gives advices for better work and solutions for successful service around the world. If some things do not go well so they should be changed or must be seen by another prospective prism for a bright future.