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My name is Radka Papazova and I'm the Recruitment Manager of NextJob. I've been hands-on involved in IT recruitment since 2007.
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8 tips in writing a good job description

In the process of hiring new employees, your job description is the first impression you’ll make with your targeted candidates. The job description outlines a number of things including the skills required for the job, the experience you are looking for, and a small summary of your company and what it does.

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How does a recruitment process work?

A Recruitment process is basically the process of finding and hiring employees. It sounds simple right? And yet there are so many organizations out there that struggle in finding the right fit. It’s one of the many reasons why corporations are bringing in recruitment agencies to assist with the process.

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6 Benefits of hiring in Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers unique advantages for hiring/outsourcing your IT development services: Benefits of hiring in Bulgaria – has a great reputation in the world of science and education. This special country ranks 5th in the world of sciences, and 11th in the world of mathematics (World Bank and the Economist ranking). Bulgaria is ranked as

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Need help filling a scrum master position?

Are you in the market for a new scrum master for your business in Bulgaria? Well, if the answer is yes, we may have a few tips to help you out with this. Recruitment, and finding a scrum master is not always that easy. It’s more than just posting an ad or searching on Google

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Popular IT Outsourcing countries in 2020-2021

IT outsourcing as a function is becoming an increasingly popular option for many businesses worldwide. Luckily, for those businesses that are considering outsourcing programming, the list of options is constantly growing, and full of interesting contenders. All you have to do is to read this blog post and decide on the best choice out

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Is outsourcing to India in decline?

In 2013, the Economist made the bold statement that India is no longer the choice for IT services and back-office work- two areas, traditionally associated with this offshore destination. To what extend is this true? Has the world’s top outsourcing destination lost its appeal? "Be so busy improving your self

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Examples of leading global outsourcing companies

The leading global outsourcing companies are venturing into new grounds, combined with financial effectiveness, can provide any organization with an increased competitive edge by going lean and saving money. "With a membership base of 120,000 members and affiliates worldwide, IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals), currently is the most prestigious association

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How to fill a DevOps position

Is your company looking to fill a DevOps position from Bulgaria? Well, this article might just be the perfect guide for you. All you need to know about a DevOps position... "Quisque eleifend ac magna eu sodales. Sed ullamcorper bibendum lectus sed scelerisque. Quisque non consequat orci. Vivamus eu ex id

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Microsoft’s IT department and Outsourcing

The IT department of one the largest IT Companies in the world, Microsoft, opened the door to outsourcing a huge variety of IT work. Microsoft’s customer support was reached by unexpecting client. In Microsoft’s product blog concerning problems about the system, one user claims that when he dialed the IT department – an Indian

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