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My name is Radka Papazova and I'm the Recruitment Manager of NextJob. I've been hands-on involved in IT recruitment since 2007.
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Microsoft’s IT department and Outsourcing

The IT department of one the largest IT Companies in the world, Microsoft, opened the door to outsourcing a huge variety of IT work. Microsoft’s customer support was reached by unexpecting client. In Microsoft’s product blog concerning problems about the system, one user claims that when he dialed the IT department – an Indian

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American job outsourcing – a threat or an opportunity?

Outsourcing has many advantages for companies who want to cut down on their expenses and find an optimal solution for the delegation of non-core tasks. However, many critics have pointed out that it has a detrimental effect on the local job market and through their low wages in offshore destinations are unfairly competing against

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BPO outsourcing Indonesia – Far East

Asian outsourcing services become the best in the world. The workers from India and China are usually hired in most countries because of their master skills in technology and rhetoric. Huge companies founded offices in Central Asia but one country in the south will be next big time in BPO outsourcing. An internet researches

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