Bulgaria has become a popular destination among international IT companies. Due to its talented workforce and cost-efficient living expenses. It has led to growth and expanding job opportunities across many fields. This of course includes the field of information technology with varying advancing salaries. On average, Software engineers earn about BGN 37 thousand yearly. (approximately USD 21,000) per year)

Bulgaria has established itself as one of Europe’s top destinations for attracting multinational corporations—all seeking low-cost yet qualified talent, especially within IT development sectors. The main reason being a skills shortage across the globe. The reason behind this reputation is the availability of talented developers across Bulgaria.

These developers can command salaries between BGN 31,373 (approximately USD 18,000). Up to BGN 100,000 (approximately USD 58,000).

Depending on the level of experience and expertise they bring to the table.

Average Salaries for Bulgarian IT Developers

Average Salaries for Bulgarian IT Developers

On IT developer salaries in Bulgaria, factors such as their skillset and work experience come into play.

Factors Affecting Salaries

Developers with desirable technical proficiencies including Java; Python; and Javascript, generally earn higher wages. Other issues impacting earnings include one’s current level of expertise. Location is an important factor, as individuals in the capital city may receive greater rewards than living elsewhere.

By way of illustration – a software developer with two to five years’ worth of industry background would make approximately BGN 50k. When compared against another individual specialising in full-stack programming. Yet, while falling within the same range, only taking home BGN 35k/year.


Type of Developer Experience Average Salary (BGN)
Software Developer 0-2 years 35,707
Software Developer 2-5 years 50,000
Software Developer 5+ years 69,000
Full Stack Developer 0-2 years 25,000
Full Stack Developer 2-5 years 35,000
Full Stack Developer 5+ years 65,000


Type of Developer Experience Average Salary (USD)
Software Developer 0-2 years $20,116
Software Developer 2-5 years $28,000
Software Developer 5+ years $38,000
Full Stack Developer 0-2 years $14,000
Full Stack Developer 2-5 years $20,000
Full Stack Developer 5+ years $36,000


Comparison with Other Countries

For those considering pursuing a career as an IT developer in Bulgaria or relocating there from abroad – you’ll likely want some background on how much you can earn relative to other European countries offering opportunities in this field.

According to data compiled by PayScale and other sources online such as Glassdoor/Bloomberg reviews from employees already working locally: Bulgarian software engineers make around BGN 35K annually while their counterparts across borders like Germany would expect salaries closer to €50K (BGN97K). Despite discrepancies in pay levels between EU nations due largely due tax rates and regional economic conditions- one advantage Bulgarians enjoy when working here over Germans lies beyond financial means- lifestyle factors like relatively low costs associated with daily needs & travelling expenses allow employees stretching every penny further than they would elsewhere.

Are you curious where to find some of the world’s top-paying IT jobs? Look no further than Bulgaria! This European country is now attracting global attention thanks to its booming tech industry that continues to seek talented professionals from all over the globe – especially skilled developers.

Top-Paying IT Jobs in Bulgaria

Web Developers

Payscale has shown that these experts are making an average salary of BGN 25k per year. However, pay can rise to BGN 60K depending on specialisation, and demand front-end development skills are particularly high.

Front-end web developers proficient in React, Angular, or VueJS can earn a decent salary in Bulgaria. The demand for these skill sets only continues to rise, especially since companies seek talented individuals who can create websites and applications that align with the latest web development standards.

Software Engineers

SalaryExpert reports that Bulgaria has some great employment prospects for software engineers who earn an average salary of BGN 56,070 a year.

As software engineers gain more experience on the job, they can anticipate salaries reaching up to BGN 100,000 each year.

If one specializes in programming languages such as Java or C++, their skills will be sought after in Bulgaria’s job market. These proficient individuals can also command higher incomes by having expertise in Agile and DevOps practices.

Data Scientists

In today’s tech-driven world where big data plays an increasingly important role across various industries – including finance, healthcare and retail – data scientists translate that information into valuable insights that help drive business decisions. As a result, those who specialise in Python or R programming languages along with database systems like SQL are hot commodities sought out by many companies operating throughout Bulgaria right now: if you possess these skill sets, there could be lucrative job offers waiting for you.

So start thinking about investing in expanding your knowledge base to open up further career opportunities.

Trends in Bulgarian IT Salaries

If you’re a skilled IT professional looking to maximize your earning potential, consider joining Bulgaria’s burgeoning tech sector. In recent years, many companies have established development centers within the country, leading to a spike in demand for talented individuals and subsequent salary increases.

Yearly Salary Increases

As of April 2023 according to Glassdoor data, an IT Developer in Bulgaria earns an average yearly salary of $1,250. The pay goes further for those well-versed in machine learning and artificial intelligence, who can command even higher wages. With businesses worldwide gearing up for a digital transformation journey lately, IT Developers’ remuneration has seen an upward trend over time. The yearly earnings for such professionals were around $1000 back in early-2019; however today it stands at around $1200 annually – marking a substantial increase from earlier times.

Predictions for Future Salaries

Similarly speaking about software developers employed within Sofia vicinity – as reports published by Glassdoor recently show that they base pay on average nearly BGN4K/month last year.

Given all these upward trends across sectors like banking/finance etc., one can anticipate higher growth potential expected ahead forward! In light of increasing demand for IT professionals in Bulgaria driven by domestic growth and international investment,the likelihood of rising salaries looms large.The Bulgarian government has responded with measures aimed at supporting confident investment,giving incentives through favourable tax arrangements for those setting up development centres locally.With this impetus towards greater business activity,wage levels have increased but may see further gains.

Nevertheless, how quickly disruptions or changes within the industry can affect salary outlooks cannot be overlooked.

Bulgaria’s booming IT industry could face formidable challenges from other nations seeking their share of the lucrative market. It is no secret that competition can be healthy and promote innovation, but it also has downsides, such as reduced growth and opportunities for companies based in countries like Bulgaria. Consequently, Bulgarian tech firms and policymakers must keep abreast of global trends and adapt accordingly.