Did you know that most people who try to hire a developer in Bulgaria fail? It’s true.

  • Posting job ads don’t give any results for most people.
  • Hiring full-time HR recruiters that don’t know how to be headhunters doesn’t work either.
  • Some companies search for months or years, and finally lose their motivation!

Here’s the problem you face:


Finding developers in Bulgaria is not that hard. However, it is really hard to hire them – as most of them already work somewhere else.


Apart from offering them monetary incentives, you have to have a good and compelling story/product/service to show them. You need to “sell” them on moving to your company. We as headhunters know how to get the job done right.

Don’t have time

Let’s face it, most IT outsourcing and product development companies are too busy. They don’t have the headhunter’s skills nor the time to qualify, interview, and convince potential developers to join their company.

Introducing the NextJob’s
IT Recruitment Plan

Luckily for you, there’s now a solution.

Let us introduce you to the Next Job Headhunters Plan. A proven service to help IT companies find, qualify, and hire the right profile – that fits your company values, needs, goals, and team.

  • Expertise in three distinct areas allows us to match skilled Bulgarian IT professionals with ideal IT jobs – quicker and more accurately.
  • We have one of the largest networks of active IT profiles in Bulgaria which means you’ll never run out of potential candidates.
  • Save time by focusing your efforts on your business, which means expert headhunters will take care of headhunting qualified talents for you.
  • A manual IT recruitment process ensures we sell your company the right way which means you’ll always get a positive review online.

Why the headhunter process gives results

When you have a long-standing relationship and the trust of the candidates, whether it’s a developer, tester or manager – the headhunter process becomes a lot easier.

By using an updated database of candidates, the process of finding relevant and matching employees becomes a matter of reaching out to the right specific audience.

A proven and repeatable recruiting process increases the chances of finding relevant candidates. The result is that you get the best-matched, functional, and long-term employees for your company.

To ensure that each recruitment and hiring attempt is the most effective and successful, all of our recruiters work according to the Next Recruitment Headhunter Method.

That’s why our Headhunter process creates predictable results!


But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at this.

ivailo ivanov it company

“I have always found the service provided by Next Recruitment to be responsive and professional to both clients and their candidates. They are cost-effective and do not waste valuable time. I have no hesitation in recommending their service to other businesses and candidates.”

Ivailo Ivanov, BGO Software
Josh IT company

“WOW – I don’t really know what else to say. I run a full time web development company and this company blows me away. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work. We’re really looking forward to getting our new developers! I think you thought of everything and then some. ”

Josh Rogan, Backstreet IT

Exactly what we’re offering

IT Recruitment

What you’re going to get

  • You’re going to get the market research analysis report.
  • You’re going to get qualified and matching IT profiles.
  • You’ll get pre-screened, interviewed and pre-qualified candidates from the headhunters, that fit your requirements, delivered in your inbox.
we send the first candidates

When you’re going to get it

  • When the headhunter work agreement is signed, we’ll get started on it right away.
  • The first candidates are usually sent within 7-14 days. Sometimes it’s faster, other times slower, depending on the difficulty of the profile.
  • Your urgency, and availability to interview hot candidates is considered.
potential candidates recruitment platform

How you’re going to get it

  • Potential candidates are sent via our headhunter recruitment platform online.
  • You’ll get an email with instructions, salary levels for changing jobs, availability date, reasons, and CV.
  • You’ll also get our personal notes and comments about why we sent you this particular candidate.
charge you if someone is hired

How much it costs

  • We headhunt on commission.
  • We charge a one-time fee based on salary.
  • We never charge in advance.
  • We only charge you if someone is hired.
charge you if someone is hired

Market research (Bonus)

Get to know the market, so you can make an informed decision about hiring in Bulgaria. Salary expectations, accounting, payroll, offices – tax and benefits.

Headhunters replacement guarantee

We believe in delivering a headhunter service that is held up to the highest standards. If you’re offering a job, we want to provide you with the best in your area via our local Bulgarian offices. More importantly, we offer you free replacements for a specific time during your test hiring period. Count on us to deliver the best possible candidate. We want to make sure you’re satisfied with the person you’ve hired.

Send the headhunters an email to get started

When you sign up, we’ll give you the market research for Bulgaria as part of your first step of hiring local developers.