The IT department of one the largest IT Companies in the world, Microsoft, opened the door to outsourcing a huge variety of IT work.

Microsoft’s customer support was reached by unexpecting client. In Microsoft’s product blog concerning problems about the system, one user claims that when he dialed the IT department – an Indian accent was on the other side of the phone.

Microsoft outsources their information technology work to India. According to a popular American IT magazine, the company uses outsourcing companies from India and China for some of their low-level IT jobs.

“Indian’s in Microsoft represent more than 50% of the whole IT company.”

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Most people in Europe use Windows
Microsoft call centre avoids issues that are easy to deal with by yourself, you can solve it yourself. The support tab of the menu at the official web site of the company shows the users everything they must know about their problems in their products.

This sounds like Microsoft’s products have alot of issues, nothng new here. No, the system is perfect but when client finds a problem, he or she must check the IT department tab full of helpful support materials before calling the actual tech support.

  • Windows Support
  • Surface Support
  • Xbox Support
  • Windows and Nokia Phones Support

The 4 separate support services are on special network stations, but with different number for every mobile phone provider. These are the tabs of the General support of Microsoft. They have an outsourcing department for the sales and orders too. Every IT company has an IT support station but the biggest technology manufactures in the business must outsource a large part of their jobs.

In Microsoft’s blog there is an article about the fake technical support, so be careful where you find information their contact information.

Here are the real links:

Windows Support
Surface Support
Xbox Support
Windows and Nokia Phones Support