In this post, we will discuss what a PHP developer is, what jobs they can perform, and PHP developer salary levels in Bulgaria.

What is PHP?

PHP is a programming language to help develop websites or applications, and it an acronym that stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.

Commonly used terms a developer may use are:

  • explode
  • fopen
  • foreach
  • smarty
  • isset

What is PHP used for?

  • PHP is for Internet development and business applications.
  • PHP developers develop programs, applications, and websites with dynamic scripting language PHP.
  • PHP developers, computer code developers, or Internet developers.
  • PHP is a popular choice for freelance or contract developers.

What is a PHP developer?

A PHP internet developer might produce user interfaces or work behind the scenes. The PHP language is usually employed in combination with SQL for databases. It’s additionally used for basic web site functions. Such as accepting usernames, passwords, and managing guest books. It can be used to code display photo or thumbnail galleries and various other types of dynamic content.

What are PHP developer’s duties?

  • Plan the project before writing code
  • Write “clean” and well-designed code
  • Test the product iterations and maintain the core software and database to make sure it has strong optimization and functionality
  • Contribute in all development phases of the production lifecycle

  • Follow and apply industry best practices

  • Develop and publish new features to facilitate related procedures and tools

Becoming a PHP Developer in Bulgaria

Becoming a PHP Developer

Developers enter the sphere with a higher level of education. The degree is usually in science, computer code engineering, applied science. Or another related field.

The requirements for an online developer:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that an associate’s degree or even a high school diploma will be enough for some positions. Having different skills, though, will facilitate a developer to get ahead.

Those curious about internet development might want some courses in style and design too.

TIOBE Programming Community language quality index ranks PHP Programming #8. in September 2020

Additional certificates

Some developers pursue certifications to validate their data on specific technologies. Zend offers certification in PHP. Communicating includes the fundamentals of PHP and object familiarised programming, string patterns, and arrays. Candidates can be compelled to be conversant in knowledge varieties and databases. The communicating additionally includes security – a very critical issue for those that code in PHP.

Ultimately, certifications square measure less significant than globe expertise. A developer will begin obtaining expertise as a student through senior style comes, internships, and participation in open supply comes. [Check out PHP tutorials and more]

PHP developer jobs

Job postings might cite a large variety of skills. Some internet development positions favor those with graphics or SEO expertise.

Employers can also search for industry-specific expertise. Looking at the task, this might be something from operating with startups to expertise taking part in games on social network sites.

It’s sensible to be adept at completely different stages of the life cycle, from extracting and documenting the necessities to providing post-deployment support; this will increase the chance of moving up to a lead position. Project management expertise may also be useful.

Interview queries will get technical. Developers will visit any of a variety of web sites to ascertain samples. Learn that includes a sampling of PHP queries and questions on alternative languages that square measure typically employed in conjunction with PHP.

PHP programmers will remain at the top of their game by joining and integrating with communities like PHP

Accurate PHP developer salary in Bulgaria

Salaries rely upon job role, among alternative factors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the standard average wage for PHP application developers in Bulgaria to earn as much as $2,000-3,500.

Salaries used to vary a lot from city to city, but nowadays, it’s on average across Bulgaria.

City Salary in $ USD
Sofia $2000-$3500
Plovdiv $1500-$3000
Varna $1500-$3000


PHP Web developers can be classified into many separate categories:

  • Security Analysts
  • Internet Developers
  • Network Architects

PHP has been a very hot language for web developers since 2009.

Developers do not usually get ahead because they apprehend a selected language, tho’ — they capture multiple languages and have a broad set of skills.

Employers might want experience with alternative dynamic languages like Perl. they’ll wish familiarity with specific operative systems (Linux) or servers (Windows 2008 or Apache)

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