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“A ScrumMaster who takes teams beyond getting agile practices up and running into their deliberate and joyful pursuit of high performance is an agile coach.”

Who Is A Scrum Master?

Let’s start with the basics, who exactly is a scrum master? Although this may sound like a rugby or American football position, it is actually much more refined than that.

A scrum master is per definition a leader within a team.

Their role is to ensure that the team maintains certain core values and principles enshrined within the company. The Scrum master also ensures that team members are in tandem with the practices put in place and the processes needed to get certain jobs done. The scrum master will be responsible for maintaining good morale, harmony, and cooperation within the team. Essentially, the scrum master helps the team adapt to changing work environments or challenges by promoting agility.

What does a Scrum Master do?

The role of a scrum master may vary from one organization to another. But most of the time, there are a number of important core duties that he or she needs to accomplish.

Here they are:

  • The scrum master is supposed to keep the project active until its goals are achieved or met. If those goals change during the process, he or she must help the team adapt to the new task at hand.
  • The scrum master also hold a position of power in the team. He or she is responsible formanaging employees.
  • The scrum master will also set up work schedules and meetings. He or she will also moderate
  • the meetings on behalf of the team and set the agenda for discussion.
  • The scrum master also educates, supports, and empowers the team to achieve its full potential.He or she will address the needs of everyone in an adequate and professional manner too.
  • The scrum master will also track progress, enhance transparency among the team, and enhanceadaptability to help the organization achieve its short and long term goals.
  • Getting a scrum master can help your organization streamline processes and achieve efficiency in whatit does.

But you will have to get the right fit.